Freshwater Fishing

The Situk River, near Yakutat, hosts the largest wild-stock Steelhead population in Alaska. The pristine crystal-clear river provides the most spectacularly beautiful arena for this simultaneously bountiful and elusive quarry. Situk River Steelhead averages an honest 10 to 12 pounds of explosive fury! Fish in the 16 to 22-pound range are not uncommon.

The catch and release fishery is being rewarded with record runs. Anglers on guided float trips (approx. 14 miles) can expect to hook up with an average of 6 to 10 fish and to land at least 3 or 4 fish in a day. It’s not unusual for experienced anglers to do 2 to 3 times as well. Miles and miles of excellent fly water, sensational runs and pools make this a Steelhead fisherperson’s paradise.

This is serious fishing. These are wild fish and the Situk is known to give up its Steelhead reluctantly. It’s not for the weak at heart! Get ready for explosive action with the most experienced and professional guides, using the finest equipment, with the best logistical support.

The Situk hosts runs of all species of salmon, and from June – October is teeming with King Salmon, Sockeye, Pinks, or Silvers. There is nothing like fishing the clear beautiful waters of the Situk and experiencing the explosion when you hook that giant Salmon! Bring your video camera and capture footage that will make your friends red with envy!

Come fish this virtual aquarium under the watchful eye of Eagles, Bears, and Otters. This small crystal clear river is a fisherman’s paradise and will test your angling skills as you pit your equipment and knowledge against wild fish!!


Ultra-light equipment provides the most enjoyment.