steelhead fishing guideFishing with a Guide

Steelhead fishing guide makes it possible to catch some amazing steelhead trout on the Situk River. These explosive, anadromous rainbow trout head out to sea and come back to the Situk River to spawn. They average about 8 pounds, with bigger bucks reaching mid-teen proportions and some approaching 20 pounds. That’s a big, hot fish to handle in a log-choked, tight, brush-lined shallow river, and that’s why your success will skyrocket if you hire one of our guides.

Benefits of Guided Fishing

A good steelhead fishing guide knows where the fish are holding, knows the right presentation during ever-changing conditions, is an expert oarsman (and this is critical on a challenging 14-mile float), and is good with people. These attributes are what we look for and cultivate in our guides and we are proud of our great team, many of whom have been guiding at Yakutat Lodge for years.

While it’s possible to catch steelhead on the river on your own, it’s a safe bet that you will catch more when you fish with a steelhead fishing guide. Our guides are experts at catching Situk steelhead, and have all the gear and tackle to put you on the fish. We’ve still got some openings, and steelhead will be catchable into May, so if you have the time and inclination, make 2023 the year that you really experience Situk steel.

Saltwater Charters

It’s also possible to fish in the saltwater this time of year and potentially catch king salmon and halibut. There aren’t many places in Alaska where the chance to catch a steelhead, halibut and king salmon in the same trip is a real possibility. The ability to catch and release a wild, Alaska steelhead on one day, then head into the saltwater to target kings and halibut and potentially load fish boxes with red and white fillets, makes Yakutat Lodge one of the premier fishing destinations in Alaska in April and May.

Steelhead are in the river right now in catchable numbers, with some fine fish already landed in the first two weeks of April. Our saltwater boats are beginning to ply the nutrient-rich waters of Monti Bay and Yakutat Bay, and purple-backed kings and white-bellied halibut will soon starting hitting the decks. Give us a call today and we can get you set up with a package to fish with a premier steelhead fishing guide, enjoy good meals, comfortable lodging and make some fish-catching memories you won’t easily forget.

Contact us to get after steelhead this spring or to inquire about ocean charter openings.