Alaska saltwater lodge
Alaska fishing

Alaska fishing is at its finest at Yakutat Lodge. From action-packed days catching steelhead trout as well as sockeye, silvers or pink salmon on the Situk River, to multi-species bottomfish bonanzas on the ocean, anglers who visit Yakutat Lodge have a variety of productive opportunities to bend a rod.

Starting in April, visiting fishermen target what many consider to be the greatest North American gamefish, the wild steelhead. These fish will test your skills as they make blistering runs and gravity-defying leaps.

Shortly thereafter, king salmon arrive in the saltwater and anglers can target both kings and halibut at the same time that steelhead are swimming in the Situk. To catch all three of these species in one trip is among the pinnacles of Alaska fishing. It is a favorite time of year for many anglers thanks to that symbiosis.

Alaska fishing

By the end of May, bottomfish (halibut, lingcod and rockfish) are in full swing in the salt, making full fish boxes filled with fresh fillets the souvenir of choice.

By the end of June, sockeye salmon begin to arrive in catchable numbers in the Situk and the saltwater fishery is in full force. Again this is a great time of year to combine a fresh and saltwater trip.

In mid-July, both the river and ocean are full of prime fish, ready for harvest so that you can enjoy top-quality seafood for many months to come.

August heralds the arrival of silver salmon, and the river is also plugged full of pinks. Although many anglers don’t target pinks for harvest, they provide steady and predictable angling action and are great quarry for kids and new anglers. By the beginning of September, the Situk and surrounding local rivers are jammed with coho, and the ocean is still producing a bounty. Alaska fishing is on full display in Yakutat, and our staff at Yakutat Lodge is eager to help you get into the action.