King salmon fishing has been on the rise in Yakutat.

king salmon fishingStarting in April, kings arrive in Yakutat Bay and begin to be caught during early-season charters. Mature kings average between 15- and 20 pounds, and the occasional 30-plus-pound bruiser is caught in most years. King salmon fishing is long considered one of the most exciting of all Alaska angling, and it’s hard for us to argue with that. Kings right from the saltwater are some of the most riveting fish to hook to the business end of your rod. Plus, these chrome slabs are as delicious as salmon get. 

Our captains troll for king salmon using downriggers, flashers and both bait and lures. They know the spots where kings prowl, and action can be steady when the kings are around. When a king salmon smashes the lure or bait, be ready for a hard-charging battle. These fish are called kings for a reason. Their thick shoulders and unconquerable will are on display every time they get hooked.

King salmon fishing is usually accompanied by bottomfishing for halibut, lingcod or rockfish when you go out into the ocean on the Hooker fleet with our skilled charter captains. When everything lines up just right, anglers will experience an amazing day catching a list of highly prized ocean species and bring home a fish box packed with mouth watering, red and white fillets. There’s nothing better than lining those freezer shelves with perfectly packaged king salmon, halibut, lingcod and rockfish.

Give us a shout to book your king salmon fishing dates and you can experience a saltwater frenzy in Yakutat Bay. If you time it just right you can also check out the Situk River for world class steelhead fishing. This time of year is coveted by many knowledgeable anglers.

king salmon fishing
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king salmon fishing