All inclusive fishing lodge options can be found throughout Alaska. Factors to consider when choosing one are budget, fish species targeted, timing and level of service. Many successful lodges enjoy a significant amount of rebooking each year from past clients. So finding one that hits all the marks and has open space can be a challenge.

Yakutat Lodge

All inclusive fishing lodge

We think that Yakutat Lodge is a solid option for an all inclusive fishing lodge trip. We offer both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The Situk River is Alaska’s best steelhead destination, and the river is home to healthy returns of Pacific salmon. Both trout and char also swim in the fertile Situk.

Anglers choosing to head out into the salt will be pleased at the short boat ride, shallow fishing depths, healthy fisheries and success rate. Halibut, lingcod, rockfish and salmon are all on the menu. Once you return from an epic day on the water, our crew will fillet, vacuum seal and freeze your catch. Combining the fresh and saltwater seasons, we offer guided angling from April through September. The long season allows us to accommodate more anglers, so first time visitors have a chance at getting prime dates.

Accommodations & Amenities

Our restaurant offers menu options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also have a full-service bar, tackle shop and gift shop. Come swap fish stories with other guests while enjoying a good meal and drink of your choice. Our all inclusive fishing lodge has a variety of lodging locations, so we can provide options for various group sizes. For clients looking for a high-end experience, we’ve got the Big House and can offer more deluxe accommodations and dining. We’ve also got lodging at the airport and in the Cabins on the Bay.

All Inclusive Fishing Lodge

Our staff is friendly, hard working and helpful. River guides and saltwater captains are all skilled at their positions. They know the best ways to catch the fish that swims in our waters and offer multiple ways to do it. An added bonus to every adventures in Yakutat is the amazing scenery. Epic mountain ranges, brilliant glaciers, as well as exotic and varied wildlife make for a visual feast. When you add up all these benefits, its clear that Yakutat Lodge is an excellent choice for an all inclusive fishing lodge trip.

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