Stay Updated With Our Yakutat Fishing Report

Our staff is comprised of expert fishermen that have honed their skills and intimately understand how to catch fish in Yakutat. Our general manager lives in Yakutat year-round, so we are well positioned to be able to provide an accurate and up-to-date Yakutat Fishing Report.
Throughout the season we will update our Yakutat Fishing Report. We’ll start with steelhead in April, transition to Chinook in the saltwater, come back to the Situk for sockeye in June and July, then head back to the saltwater where fishing for halibut and rockfish will be heating up. If you are standing by waiting until the last minute to book a trip, come look at our Yakutat Fishing Report to stay up to date on what’s happening.
By August, silvers are usually present in big numbers in the bay and in fishable numbers in the Situk River, and as the season reaches a conclusion in late September, silvers will stay on the menu.

April: Steelhead begin to enter the river in catchable numbers. Somewhere in the middle of the month is typically about prime time.
May: Steelhead are still entering the river at the beginning of the month, and fishing tapers off as the month progresses. Steelhead return to the ocean after spawning. King salmon fishing in Yakutat Bay is usually good.
June: Sockeye arrive and ocean fishing is excellent
July: Sockeye fishing peaks, and bottomfishing for halibut and rockfish is awesome.
August: Coho are swimming in Yakutat Bay and beginning to enter the river. Bottomfishing remains solid.
September: The biggest coho of the year are usually caught in this month. Bottomfishing remains steady until we close up for the season.
Come back to this page regularly to hear about the fish being caught in the Situk River and in Yakutat Bay. Our expert staff is here to bring you the Yakutat Fishing Report and to help you catch more fish.