Alaska salmon fishing in Yakutat is simply awesome. For much of the season, anglers have their choice to catch salmon in the Situk River, as well as in the saltwater of Yakutat Bay. The first salmon species that we target in the Situk is sockeye. Also known as red salmon, they are considered by many to be pound for pound the strongest of all five Pacific salmon species. For many people, the deep-red, lean fillets are their favorite over the other Pacific salmon species. Alaska salmon fishing is just plain fun, and when you can also enjoy delicious meals throughout the year, then it’s no wonder why sockeye fishing on the Situk River is so popular.

Our expert guides have figured out a rigging that works perfectly in the Situk and will allow you to hook and fight lots of sockeye. If you haven’t fished for sockeye yet, be prepared for some amazing aerial displays, high-speed maneuvers, and line-sizzling runs. They can be hard to land when you are first learning to fish for them, and on the Situk you’ll get lots of practice and have lots of success.

You can partner your Alaska salmon fishing experience with a trip into the saltwater to fish for halibut, lingcod and rockfish. These white-meat species are all delicious to eat and exhilarating to catch. When a 50-pound halibut inhales your bait and bends the rod into the handle, you’ll get a feel for the power of these flatfish. When you hook into a lingcod and wage battle against this toothy predator, you’ll not only be amazed at their strength, but also their bucket mouth full of sharp teeth. When we find a school of black rockfish and everyone is hooked up simultaneously, the big smiles all around the boat tell the story. Back at home, you’ll be grinning while you eat rockfish tacos.

The possibilities for Alaska salmon fishing in the saltwater are also strong. In many years, we are able to troll for kings during this period. King salmon fishing in Yakutat has been good for the last several years, and many fine kings have made their way into the fish box. Alaska salmon fishing in the Situk and in the saltwater, add in a trip for bottomfish to target multiple species, and then come back and enjoy our good food and accommodations. Book your plane ticket to Yakutat and come get in on this amazing action!

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