Sockeye Salmon are continuing to make a push up river. There are nearly 50,000 fish now through the Situk river weir, which has in turn allowed fish and game to raise the limit back to 3 fish per day in fresh for the sport angler. Pink Salmon are now also on the move and over 10.000 have passed through the weir the last week. There are also thousands of Dollie Varden char in the system for those that like a little variety.

The river has just shot up from recent large rainfalls. This is will push the pinks up river and make room for the incoming Coho Salmon. Look for this higher water event to be the catalyst to the Silver season.

Halibut and bottom fishing continues to be stellar, with the majority of the halibut being in the 40 to 100 Lb range. Ling Cod fishing has also been great throughout the last couple weeks, and should continue for the season.

Coho have been spotted in the salt water but have not yet begun the big migration through our bay to the rivers, but that should be taking place any day now…