situk steelhead fishingSituk River steelhead fishing is among the very best angling in all of Alaska. Steelhead trout are anadromous, meaning they spend their lives in the saltwater and return to their home rivers to spawn. Every year thousands of steelhead trout return to the Situk River and the fishing can be epic. Steelhead are acrobatic, athletic, agile and absolutely awesome to catch. And the Situk River is unquestionably the finest river in Alaska to target these fish.

Situk River steelhead are a special breed of fish. Not only is the run strong and healthy, but it is also populated with some truly large specimens. Fish over 20 pounds are caught each year. Battling a 20-pound steelhead in tight quarters in a narrow, shallow, twisting river full of timber is a true challenge. And when you bring that incredible fish to hand, admire its chrome flanks, green back, black spots and pink lateral stripe, you’ll feel a unique sense of accomplishment that is shared by steelheaders across the world. 

During a recent four days of steelhead angling, the guides at Yakutat Lodge and the crew from Fish Alaska got together in search of metalheads. Action was steady on inbound fresh fish, and some of the battles were especially noteworthy. Every steelhead is precious and the Yakutat Lodge Fishing Team brought many to hand. Chrome-bright hens, some pushing well beyond the 30-inch mark, were caught, gently admired, photographed and returned to the river. Big bucks, several taping 36 inches and one measuring 37 inches long with a 19-inch girth, were also landed during these early-season shakedown floats. 

situk steelhead fishingThe most productive techniques during these recent Situk River steelhead float trips were side drifting Aero-puffs and float fishing jig heads with rubber worms or traditional steelhead jigs. The team also bobber-dogged BnR soft beads. All three techniques have a place in early-season steelhead angling. The water level and clarity, river section being fished and preference of the angler play together to determine how best to fish. We caught fish on all three techniques, but found that side drifting Aero-puffs was the most effective during our four days of angling. 

Many rivers in Alaska host steelhead runs. Many have quality fish. Others have good numbers of steelhead. But the Situk River reigns supreme as the best steelhead water in the state because it combines both size and quantity. If you want the opportunity to fish for steelhead in Alaska’s best steelhead river, contact us and set up a Situk River steelhead trip. But be warned: Angling for steelhead is addictive and can be habit forming!

If you would like to hop on the Alaska Airlines jet this spring and get on the Situk for steelhead, give us a call at 907-784-3232 and we’ll get you on the water.