Alaska fishing trip 2023 starts by figuring out when you want to visit based on what you want to catch. And at Yakutat Lodge, you have options!

Beginning in April, we open the lodge and get ready for an epic run of steelhead. With an average return of something in the ballpark of 6,000 fish, the Situk River offers the best opportunity in Alaska to catch large numbers and often large specimens of steelhead trout. The chance to do battle with one of these magnificent fish in the amazing scenery presented during a Situk River float is among the greatest of angling experiences in the Great Land. We stay busy with this fishery until sometime in May.

Your Alaska fishing trip 2023 to Yakutat Lodge would offer some interesting options in May. In the river we are still pursuing and landing steelhead, while out in the saltwater, our experienced captains are boating fish boxes full of halibut, rockfish and lingcod (which opens mid-May). During this time period we are also trolling for king salmon, and on a really good day we will target and land all of these species. 

Alaska fishing trips 2023June heralds the return of sockeye salmon to the Situk and this fishery will continue into early July. The saltwater is typically really good during the long days of summer and as summer solstice approaches at the end of June, the longest days of the year are experienced and particularly cherished by those who make Alaska home. It’s a fine time of the year to execute your Alaska fishing trip 2023.

As July unwinds towards August, pink salmon first invade and dominate the landscape, with coho salmon taking center stage later in August and into September. Coho-minded anglers can get their fill on the Situk River, where full-day floats can easily yield double-digit hookups when silvers fill the system. Saltwater anglers enjoy generous coho limits, as well as the bonanza of bottomfish. Typical days yield a lovely combination of both red- and white fillets. 

Determining when to take your 2023 trip revolves around figuring out when you can travel to Yakutat Lodge and analyzing what fish species you want to catch. King, sockeye and coho salmon can be caught at different times of the year, while halibut, lingcod and rockfish are pretty reliably caught from May through mid-September. Just about any time of the season is a good time to visit Yakutat Lodge, don’t delay as prime dates fill quickly. And if you need help figuring out when to make your Alaska fishing trip 2023 to Yakutat Lodge, call us today at 1-907-784-3232!